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Collaborating and working with you on projects of all sizes

Hello World! This is SSI’s first of many future blog posts. At SSI we have seen many interesting phenomena and have learned a lot through interactions with owners, consultants and contractors. We hope that some of our insights will be of help to others. Free flowing ideas is a core principle at SSI, where contracts and money come second to helping others. So, we’ll share our thoughts on a wide range of topics, from technical to managerial, contract negotiations to interesting travel, and person to person interactions. 

SSI was founded with the core principle of changing the world – helping our clients to make better decisions that help improve their businesses. We work with clients to understand their needs, goals and plans for the future; then apply our education, experience and expertise to help them get closer to their goals. We have a quixotic intensity on changing the world of consulting, working as true collaborators –working with you on projects of all sizes. The response we’ve received, and growth of SSI is nothing but confirmation that this message resonates with you.

This first post comes from the heart of us here at SSI. Watch for our future posts and we welcome your feedback. We’d like for this blog to spur discussion, debate, tips, the free sharing of ideas and solutions. Stay tuned and we hope to hear from you soon! Contact us with any questions or feedback or if we can be assistance with your projects.

Gerard Lynskey